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Cancer: An Uncommon Disease We Need to Watch Out For

Cancer: An Uncommon Disease We Need to Watch Out For

What is cancer?

Cancer is the preferred term to a collection of uncommon diseases. It is also considered as the abnormality in the cell division since the cell in a body with a cancer begins to divide and replicate without stopping. It will he spread through the surrounding tissues and latter on, it will give complications.

The cancer can originate in almost every part of your body. The normal happening in a cancer-free body is that the human cells divide and grow to produce new cells up to what the body needs. When these cells grow old or become damaged, the new cells will take over their place.

However, if the body has developed cancer cells, the normal process will be messed up. If the cells become more and more abnormal, what will happen is that these damaged and old cells that should die and be replaced with cells survived and new cells will be formed even if they are not needed. The accumulated cells will continue to grow and replicate and later on, it may cause the growth of the harmful lumps we call tumours.

Cancer is a dangerous disease. One should have to educate themselves with the nature of the ailment, its origin, the body part it can affect and of course, the signs and symptoms on how to tell if you have one.

Breast Cancer

One of the many cancers that affect mankind is breast cancer. This type of cancer usually starts in the inside lining of the women’s milk ducts or on the tubes that supply the breast with milk. The breast cancer is very common to women but there are also cases that men can develop this disease.

The following are the symptoms and signs patients diagnosed with breast can diagnosed with breast cancer can experience:

  • Headache
  • Rashes or swelling of the breast
  • A lump in the breast
  • A tingling sensation or sometimes pain in the patient’s breast and armpits. (Be sure that this is not related to women’s menstruation)
  • Redness on the breast skin and the appearance of an orange-like skin
  • A rash on one of the nipples.
  • Lump in one of the patient’s armpits.
  • A discharge (sometimes a blood) from the nipples.
  • The nipple may become sunken or inverted.
  • The breast size or shape changes.
  • The breast’s skin may start to flake, peel or even scale.

Of course, breast cancer is just one of the many cancers that affect us in one way or another. If you want to know more about other types of these life-threatening diseases, you can do so by visiting the website of One Care Companion at

In order to help prevent and fight cancer, one must know the origins and nature of the disease. So as to secure a good retirement and to continue living without the pains and worries of old age, One Care Companion provides home care services in Naples South Florida.

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With the help of our home care services in Naples South Florida, you and your family members can no longer worry about who can take care of you when you grow old for our caregivers are experienced and well-trained to taking care of seniors no matter what the illness they may be suffering.

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