Allowing Seniors to Age in the Comfort of their Own Home


One Care Companion Services

Partner with One Care Companion to achieve a meaningful and stress-free life at home!

Even as you age or when you have health issues, life at home can still be great. Our team at One Care Companion will provide non-medical home care services:

Available 24/7
Anytime of the day or any day of the week, we can arrange for home care services to be provided in your home.

We run errands in your behalf like paying for bills, picking up dry cleaning and ordering prescription meds from your pharmacy.

One Care Companion staff will take care of the grocery shopping for you if you are unable to make the trip to the store. We also monitor your food supplies at home for expiry dates and will help make your shopping lists on a weekly basis.

Upon request, we can arrange for comfortable and safe transportation to and from the hospital for a routine check-up with your doctor or medical treatments like chemotherapy or dialysis.

If your memory is failing, we’ll keep your calendar up to date. One Care Companion staff will remind you to comply with your medical appointments or to keep track of social functions like meeting friends, going to the adult day care for recreational activities or visiting family members.

Cleaning Services
When it comes to keeping your home clean, One Care Companion staff is ready to help! When dusting, washing dishes or changing linens are more difficult than it used to be now in your golden years, our caregivers are ready to step in and take over the tasks for you.

We are a team of professionals providing home care services.

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