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How much does home care really cost and can you afford it?

Choosing a caregiver is not an everyday decision you have to make but once it is made, it is a decision you will have to live with everyday. You want to make sure you choose a caregiver who is capable of the job, someone who can be trusted and someone who will put your health and wellness as his/her priorities. On the other hand, you also want to see to it that you can afford to pay your caregiver.

A lot of families will automatically assume that quality care like this will cost a lot – so they stop right there and decide to care for a sick, elderly or disabled loved one themselves. Often, this leads to family members not being able to rest well, go to work on time or maybe even have to stop attending school. Worse, when family members are not getting the rest they need, they too get sick which leads to more expenses.

These situations are common in many households across the country. This is why One Care Companion created home care packages that are both comprehensive and affordable. No longer will families have to go through the dilemma of caregiving costs versus quality. We even offer flexible schedules like hourly-visits, short-term respite and live-in care as necessary. For those who need a Travel Companion, we provide caregivers who can accompany them for the duration of their trip ensuring safe travel and arrival to wherever they need to go. All these at affordable prices and customizable care plans that put YOU in control of the care that you get!

What Extent of Caregiving is Needed

This is a guide to help you decide how much care you will need and how much you will have to prepare financially to meet that need.

  • 4 Hours a Day of Caregiving and Companionship
    If your loved one is mostly self-sufficient, is able to move around the home unassisted but occasionally needs help with household tasks and running errands like grocery shopping, preparing meals and other related tasks.
  • Half Day of Care of 12-16 Hours of Caregiving and Companionship
    When mom, dad or your grandparent has Dementia, a severe disability or chronic illness that needs closer supervision; you may be living with them at home but you also have to attend work or have other family members/kids to care for. You need a caregiver who can provide personal care and assist your loved one with day time and evening care routines.
  • Live-In Care or 24/7 Caregiving
    If your disabled or elderly family member lives far from you and without other family members nearby; caregivers can be provided all throughout the day at three 8-hour shifts or on a Live-In basis; Your loved one may have severe Alzheimer’s or mobility issues that prohibit him or her from living independently; The caregiver will provide round-the-clock assistance, personal care, meal preparation, running errands and arranging transportation to and from medical appointments as necessary.

To get a quote of caregiving costs for your loved one, please key in the required information in the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible with an affordable estimate from One Care Companion.


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