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One Care Companion starts with a complimentary in-home consultation to evaluate your unique home care needs and then customizes a service plan to meet them. We take pride in our ability to select a compatible caregiver, who is qualified, compassionate, and trustworthy to care for your loved ones who may be aging, have a disability, or simply recovering from surgery or an illness.

Whether we provide services for an hour a day or several hours a week, regularly or whenever you need us, we will deliver unique services that enhance your quality of life. And as your needs change, so will our services.

What are the benefits to “private pay” home care?
When you pay for home care with cash rather than using Medicaid or long-term care insurance, you may hire any home health aide you desire, for as long as you desire, with no restrictions other than the amount of money you are willing and able to pay. Furthermore, you do not need to be concerned about meeting any medical requirements to hire a home health aide. If you need extra support with ADLs, you can hire someone to help, without any restrictions or medical proof from a doctor.

Is in-home care less costly than moving to an assisted living facility?
As you consider ways to pay for home care for yourself or your loved one, it is best to consider your alternatives before making a decision. Is moving to an assisted living facility less expensive than hiring home care? The median cost for a one-bedroom assisted living apartment is $3,500/month or $42,000/year. If you are living in your own home and your home is or is close to being paid-off, the costs of home care plus your living expenses probably won’t come close to that. Home care offers the flexibility, privacy, and independence you may not receive in an assisted living facility. With home care, you only pay for the services you need. You won’t have the hassle, stress, or additional expense of a move, and you’ll be able to stay in comfortable surroundings. If loved ones can fulfill caregiving duties at least some of the time, you may be able to reduce home care costs even further. As the prices for assisted living continue to rise, and as home care services grow in popularity, more and more seniors are making the decision to age-in-place. can help by matching you with the Caregiver that’s right for you.

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It is our goal at One Care Companion to make living at home less-stressful and more meaningful for clients who are elderly, chronically-ill and mobility-impaired. While your health conditions may be giving you challenges, our team is here to help you cope with those challenges with each day that we visit you in your home.
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One Care Companion will provide care in an approach that has proven to be most effective and beneficial for clients as well as for their families. The support we give is something you can truly count on when you have a mom who is becoming forgetful or a dad who can’t keep up with daily living activities. For any member of your family who needs help at home – we are the answer!
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One Care Companion is staffed with compassionate, dedicated and well-trained caregivers. Meet them personally!
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We aim to make a difference – always! Here’s what our clients have to say about One Care Companion.
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