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Home Watch

Home Watch with One Care Companion

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Home Watch Service is a tailored program that allows our customers to choose from a one-time stop in service to monitor your homes mechanical functions or a periodic monitoring while you are away from your property.

In the event of an emergency, One Care Companion Home Watch service is your one call service to help through insurance claims and project oversight after any event.

Basic Home Watch Services include all of the following:

  • Lawn and Landscaping
  • Lawn Visual inspection
  • Landscaping Visual inspection
  • Irrigation System Visual Inspection

Home Exterior

  • Security Check Visual inspection
  • Damage Check Visual inspection
  • Newspapers and Flyers Remove from outside
  • Mail Check mailbox

Home Interior

  • Security System Ensure system is working properly
  • Security Check Doors, windows and sliders locked and secure
  • Air Condition Check settings, record temperature
  • Circuit Breaker Visual inspection
  • Smoke Detectors Ensure proper operation, replace batteries if needed


  • Sink Check under sink for moisture
  • Refrigerator Check to see if working properly if on, check for mold if off
  • Faucet Run faucet
  • Dishwasher Run dishwasher
  • Garbage Disposal Run water through disposal


  • Water Heater Visual inspection
  • Clothes Washer Run washer


  • Sinks Check under sink for moisture
  • Showers and Tubs Check for leaks, moisture
  • Toilets Flush and check toilets
  • Faucets Run faucets

Overall Interior

  • Plants Water indoor plants
  • Mold Check Check for mold throughout the home
  • Pest Infestation Check for insects and pests throughout the home
  • Water Intrusion Check for water intrusion throughout the home

Lanai and Pool Area

  • Lanai Furniture Check for mold or fading
  • Swimming Pool Check water level
  • Pool Pump Visual inspection

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