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A Caregiver’s Guide to Eating Smart: Breakfast and Carbohydrates

A Caregiver’s Guide to Eating Smart: Breakfast and Carbohydrates

Why do we love eating? This is a question only asked by women who cannot help but stuff their mouth with a generous share of a tasty treat and then regretting afterwards. The truth is, we all should love eating and do you know why? It is because by doing so we gather enough energy to move our bodies. But too much food will cause our own demise.

It is important to eat smart. That is why here in home care services in Naples South Florida, One Care Companion makes sure that we keep our caregivers healthy in order to continue giving quality assistance and care to our clients throughout the Counties of Collier, Lee, Glades, Hendry and Charlotte.

As we provide home care services in Naples South Florida, we keep on reminding our caregivers to avoid fatigue and stress through giving our own employees some tips on how to care for themselves as they care for their clients. One of the many tips we remind them is to eat smart.

Breakfast: The Forgotten Meal

It is common for caregivers to dash off to work without thinking of their body’s needs. Some caregivers even think of it as good for their bodies for they believe that eating less is equals to diet and trimming down. If you are one of those, well we regret to inform you that you are wrong.

When you skip breakfast and immediately cater to your care giving duties, you will instantaneously feel tired in the middle of the morning. Even if cooking can be bothersome in the morning, grabbing some “good-to-go” choices can let you have your body’s daily needed nutrients while doing work. Some of these “grab-to-go” foods are:

  • Whole grain bagel that is partnered with cheese
  • Cereal with a fruit or yogurt
  • Whole-grain toasts coated with peanut butter and some fruits
  • Oatmeal with raisins

Carbohydrates: A Misunderstood Nutrient

You need carbohydrates in your system as much as you need your own fruits and vegetables. These nutrients are kept stored in our body as these are considered as a natural and the preferred source of our energy. But most individuals avoid carbohydrates as much as possible. Why is that? It is because there are bad carbohydrates as much as there are good ones.

Most carbohydrates that are considered good are those that were not thoroughly processed by human hands and examples of these are:

  • Beans
  • Cereal grain
  • Grain breads
  • Nuts
  • Starchy vegetables:
    • Carrots
    • Potato
    • Pumpkin
    • Squash
  • Whole grains

So what are the carbohydrates that are not good to a person’s body? Sadly, these are the carbohydrates that we all love eating so much like:

  • Baked goods
  • Candy
  • Pasta
  • Soda
  • White bread
  • White rice

In order to be healthy, you need to eat your breakfast and a good source of carbohydrates. We encourage you to know what you are eating and do some research o your food before putting it inside your mouth.

For more tips on how to eat smart or if you want to be part of our team of providers of home care services in Naples South Florida, you can visit our website at

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