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Wise tips on how to care for mature hair

Wise tips on how to care for mature hair

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered how you would look like when you age? Have you ever touched your grandma’s hair and notice how thin the strands are? Or have you ever felt the need to dye your hair due to aging? Once you age, your hair ages too. Today we will be talking about the different ways on how to care for mature hair.

Choose a hairstyle that will suit your age and face type.

Hairstyles aren’t just about the trendy ones and the expensive hair care treatments in salons. Choosing a hairstyle that will fit your facial features is a start in taking care of your mature hair. There are no specific rules as to what hairstyle a senior citizen should sport around. As long as it fits your face, then it is fine.

Trim your hair regularly.

No, you don’t have to trim your hair everyday! You can trim your hair or your granny’s hair after a month or less than a month has passed. Mature hair is very vulnerable to splitting. Shampoo your hair regularly as well to avoid further damage.

Wear a hat or a cap when going outdoors.

A hat or a cap does not only protect your head from the heat of the sun, but it also protects your crowning glory. You can use shampoos with special sunscreen features to protect your hair. If you dye your hair, you can wear a hat or a cap to prevent your hair from bleaching.

Have a hair stylist or someone capable to monitor your hair.

A family member, health care companion, or a real hair stylist can tell you what’s wrong with your hair – if it has gone dry, if it has been falling every time you comb it, or if it is splitting. You can counterattack these threats of damage by learning more about hair health through a stylist, on the Internet, or through a caregiver.

One Care Companion’s caregivers and homemakers will always make it a point to make you feel and look good through monitoring your medications, your body, and hygiene. When you or your gramps/granny cannot clean himself/herself, caregivers can assist you and your loved ones all the way. Caring for the hair is just a start. Choose us as your home care partner now, as we provide services aplenty just for our beloved clients! Call us now at 239-658-5266 for more details or visit us at 5130 Roma Street, Ave Maria, Florida 34142.

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