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What every senior goes through when shopping

What every senior goes through when shopping

Getting up and around gets harder when you get old, even the simplest task like grocery shopping can be a pain especially when you’re recovering from a sickness or injury. As a facility that offers home care services in Naples South Florida, we at One Care Companion provide Shopping Assistance services to our elderly clients.

Grocery shopping is something that we all do because all of us have needs. We make it our point to buy these needs in order to sustain ourselves but when one gets older, one might probably start having difficulties with grocery shopping. These difficulties may include the following:

  • Hard time reading labels – As we get older our eyesight gets blurry and reading sometimes becomes troublesome. Labels on grocery products are usually in fine print and it gets harder to read the labels. Different people have different wants or preferences and some even have allergies. These allergies can sometimes be triggered by ingredients in food that is why reading the labels on food products are important. Sometimes, the date of expiration of a certain product is overdue—yes, there is a possibility that the food or product on the shelf is expired, therefore checking labels is really a necessity. Spoiled foods may cause sicknesses and spoiled products in general do only harm to our bodies—that’s the last thing we need in an old age.
  • Reaching for certain products or even finding certain products may become hard – In our old ages we might usually find it hard to reach products on the shelves. Products on your list might also be placed far from each other and can’t easily be found. Searching for these products get tiresome and can even give us headaches from all the searching around.
  • Lines in counters can get seriously long – It’s not only patience that runs out when in a line, but your strength as well. An elderly person can only wait for so long and standing makes it worse. Long lines involve standing and standing sometimes causes knee pains and other pains in the body for an elderly person.

For these reasons and more, we at One Care Companion readily extend our shopping assistance services to help you in your shopping needs. As a facility that offers home care services in Naples South Florida, we see to it that your food supplies and expiry dates of food are also monitored. We shop for your general needs and also for your healthcare needs. We want to give you only the best of what we have to offer here at One Care Companion. For inquiries, you may visit our website at or talk to us at 239-658-5266.

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