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Home Care 101 – 5 Ways To Help Mom Or Dad Improve Their Sleeping!

5 Ways To Help Mom Or Dad Improve Their Sleeping

Does your aging parent suffer from sleeping problems? Is he/she unable to sleep sound at night? If so, you need to help them improve their sleeping habits so that they can avoid all the stress of not having enough sleep.

When you reach old age, you have to look after your health more than ever but not everyone can do it alone. Fortunately, your parents have you to help them. Make their lives easier by being there for them today.

To start, here are 5 things you need to do:

Create a sleeping schedule. This is the first step to improving their sleeping habits. For example, let them get ready for bed at the same hour every night so that they can wake up at the same time every morning. Following a schedule can help them balance their time to sleep better.

Teach them to exercise. People of all ages should practice exercising regularly every day, so your parents shouldn’t be insecure about their age or abilities. Even the simplest of exercises are counted. For as long as they have healthy physical activity daily, they can avoid having sleeping problems at night.

Help them control their naps. Napping for too long in the afternoon can get in the way of sleeping properly at night. To help your elderly loved one avoid sleeping problems, you can tell them to lessen their naps. This doesn’t mean they cannot fall asleep during the day, it just means they need to reduce it and save the rest for night time.

Watch what they eat. If your parent doesn’t maintain a balanced diet and only eats whenever they feel like it, remind them that eating healthy and right is important if they want their sleeping to improve. 3 meals a day with snacks in between is what they need to follow.

Help them relax. The problem could be your loved one’s state of mind. Are they unhappy? Is it turning into depression? Perhaps it’s all the stress they have to deal with because of their health condition. If this is the case, encourage them to do what they love and spend time with them. Maybe all it takes to sleeping better is choosing to be happy.

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