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Depression and the Elderly: Is Your Loved One at Risk?

Depression and the Elderly: Is Your Loved One at Risk?

Depression is a deep phenomenon that is often undetected. But it is basically a feeling of extreme sadness and a sense of hopelessness.

What about when it comes to the elderly? Actually, studies show that depression among the elderly population is quite uncommon as you think. Although most senior folks experience sadness and longing for their close friends and acquaintances that have passed away; or when they feel down when their last child leaves home – the empty nest syndrome – it’s still not considered as depression. 

As a provider of home care services in Naples South Florida, we, at One Care Companion have witnessed cases wherein our senior clients have undergone the detrimental effects of depression. And as concerned health care providers, we will be enlightening you about depression in the elderly and whether your loved one is at risk. 

Criteria For Depression:

Before we delve deeper into this topic, let us first summarize the criteria that might qualify you as a person with depression: 

  1. Depressed mood
  2. Lack of interest or decreased pleasure in most or all activities
  3. Considerable weight loss or gain
  4. Agitated or slowed down behavior
  5. Difficulty in falling asleep or sleeping too much
  6. Diminished energy
  7. Feeling of worthlessness or extreme guilt
  8. Poor concentration
  9. Thoughts of death or attempted suicide

In order to be diagnosed for a major depressive disorder, one must have experienced at least five of the nine symptoms below for two weeks or more, for most of the time almost every day. This must also be caused by great stress from home, work or any important aspect of the person’s life. 

Depression in the Elderly

We are all familiar of the usual characteristics of a person with depression but it presents itself differently in the elderly. 

It has a great impact on our senior folks. 

Depression has a very bad effect on the elderly. It’s not a common occurrence but when it happens, they are more prone to commit suicide. Don’t let sadness engulf your loved ones. Visit One Care Companion, your nearest home care services at Naples South Florida to get a care companion for your loved ones. 

It is often missed. 

People have a common misconception that it’s normal for the aged to be sad because “they’re older and lost a lot of loved ones.” But as we’ve said earlier, it is often uncommon and rare. 

Symptoms tend to be more physical rather than emotional. Slow speech and lack of attention to personal appearance are common signs which tend to be mistaken as normal responses by older people. 

Now that you know the effects of depression in the elderly, be sure to get a caregiver that’s compassionate, caring, and gives the proper attention that your loved ones need. Contact us at 239-658-5266 or visit One Care Companion – your one and only quality provider of home care services in Naples South Florida. 

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