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7 Most Suggested Recreations You Can Do At Home

7 Most Suggested Recreations You Can Do At Home

If you got elderly loved ones at home and you do not want them to get bored all day by doing the same routine like watching TV and all that, you can ask One Care Companion, a trusted source of home care services in Naples South Florida, to get help on the senior-friendly recreational activities they can do at the comfort of their home.

Your elders still need the right amount of activity in their lives to burn some calories and have an enjoyable past time. So here are the seven (7) of the most suggested recreations your elderly loved ones can do at home:

Painting, drawing, carving, and other forms of art can be a good form of therapy for seniors. People at this age usually develop an artistic passion because of the all the time they can do these works. Most people who are engaged in different forms of art have shown to be very comfortable and satisfied during the day.

If you have started to read many books lately like you have never been before, then you must be really enjoying reading. Reading actually has many benefits on an aging adult in a sense that it reduces risks of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Whether you want to write in your daily diary or a novel, what matters most is that you are writing and that is healthy. Writing can be a very good exercise for your cognitive abilities and muscle reflexes in your arm. For elders, you just have to keep a good lighting and proper posture when you write to keep it comfortable.

Sing/ dance
If you have always wanted to sing or dance on stage but you never got the chance to in your adult life, the home is your stage. You can even have a karaoke at home if you want to sing once in a while. Just ask your home care companion to assist the music volume and other necessities on this hobby. Music is a good therapy to people.

This hobby is what seniors are known to do really for. There are even so many benefits for dressmaking and knitting to the mind and body similar to that of the music and art therapy.

With proper home care companion guidance, you or your elders maybe able to do this beneficial hobby at your own garden! We all know how much nature can bring good effects to the body like the natural Vitamin D from having enough sunlight exposure, the color green of the leaves are beneficial to the eyesight. Just ask your provider of home care services in Naples South Florida about how you can safely have a gardening time.

Get a pet
Pets are widely known to be very helpful for their extra-love and cuddle kind of therapy. Pets can actually feel what their owners feel and they are the ones who will always be there for you no matter what. You can ask your provider of home care services in Naples South Florida, like One Care Companion, to get your doctor’s approval in having pets at home.

Are you now eager to get a new hobby? If you think we can help you with that, call One Care Companion today and get the quality home care services in Naples South Florida you and your family members deserve!

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