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3 Powerful Benefits of Having a Pet

3 Powerful Benefits of Having a Pet

While some people are disturbed with a barking dog, others are unaffected by it. A barking dog can be perceived as a threat and could pose potential danger. In spite of this, numerous studies reveal that with proper care and training, having a pet at home presents amazing health breakthroughs.

As early as 19th century healthy benefits of animals were recognized. Notes on Nursing by Florence Nightingale indicated that people confined to the same room because of medical problems gained pleasure from the presence of a bird.

“We don’t have pet at home.” – If you really love pets it’s not too late to get one and ask for help.

“But my mom is sick she can’t take care of the pet?” – Our company which offers home care services in Naples South Florida helps you and your mother take care of your pet. Here’s how we do it:

  • Regular feeding and checking on water supply.
  • Bathing and grooming on a preferred schedule.
  • Walking with the pet together.
  • Taking trips to the vet for check-ups or vaccination.

“It can be more dangerous for my injured father.” – Yes, it can pose potential hazard for patients with limited mobility but with appropriate position of the dog’s house, bird’s cage or fish tanks, it will be greatly appreciated by your father.

There are a lot troubling scenarios in the family but there is always a way out. Your loved one can significantly benefit from a provider of home care services in Naples South Florida in their healing and recovery process.

According to researchers, pets are not judgmental. They are our constant source of unconditional love. Here are few recovery stories from random patients with a pet at home.

  • Loss of appetite is common from people with Alzheimer’s disease but having a fish tank or caged bird at home, it dramatically improves the patients’ appetite.
  • A patient recovering from stroke has less interest or may resist therapy sessions. Having a dog at home encourages them to take the dog for a walk, brush the dog’s fur and feeding. Doing so will help them regain mobility faster due to active muscle movements.
  • Lonely and depressed elders find a reason to go out and walk with their pet dogs. Little did they know, they are starting to talk to people they met along the way.

Looking on the bright side, keeping your pets at home is rather easy with One Care Companion a source of home care services in Naples South Florida. Our aim is let you stay with your loved ones at home together with your furry friends. You can check other services we offer by calling us at 239-658-5266.

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